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My check engine light is on

If there are no other warning lights on and your motor seems to be running smoothly and normal, the cause of the engine light is most likely minor and won't stop you driving. However, if other warning lights are on and the engine is running rough or you can smell oil or coolant please stop safely to avoid further damage. An hour waiting for help is preferable to continue driving and possibly causing more damage.

My car wont start.

If you turn the ignition key and there is nothing it is most likely that your battery is dead. If you have a clicking noise when turning the key it is most likely still to be a weak battery but may also be a starter motor problem. All this could be a result of a faulty alternator which may not be charging the battery. Check all connections and have your charging system and battery checked. Campbelltown mechanics at Camex Automotive.

My car is running rough.

Possible fault with spark plugs, coils or ignition leads. Can also be fuel injection system or bad fuel.

My car is overheating.

You are losing coolant or your water pump, thermostat is faulty. Check coolant levels and milky looking oil. Camex Automotive can pressure test your system free of charge.

My car has no power.

You may have a blocked exhaust system or you bought a Kia. Bad fuel or blocked injectors can cause loss of power too.

My engine is making a loud rattle noise.

Check for possible low oil level. Camex Automotive have an extensive maintenance schedule for your car and are the cheapest around. If rattle is only under load you may have bad fuel.. this is called pinging.

My car is hard to start.

Possible blocked air or fuel filters or bad fuel.

My steering shudders when I brake.

Your discs are warped and need machining or replaced. You will notice this mainly going down hills.

My brakes are grinding.

Your brake pads are passed their limit and need replacing and your disc machined. At Camex Automotive, our scheduled logbook servicing keeps you in control of your cars costs.

My car has a knocking noise over bumps.

You have worn suspension or steering bushes. We offer free diagnosis on all vehicle issues. That is no charge to tell you what is wrong with your car.

Camex Automotive will diagnose your car problems free of charge and will guarantee you the cheapest possible quote and best professional service and workmanship.

My car revs really high.

Possible worn clutch on a manual car. Clutch components do not last forever and need replacing. A correct driving procedure should see a clutch last up to 10 years.

There is a vibration in my drive-line.

Most late model cars have a center bearing in the tail shaft and are prone to wearing out. Worn bearings will result in a rough vibration felt underfoot on rear wheel drive cars. Also defective tyres can cause vibration.

There is a burning smell in my car.

This could be a leaky valve cover gasket. Valve covers are the upper most seal for the engine oil and they can leak onto the exhaust causing a burning smell.

My car wont go into gear (Manual transmission)

If the car will not shift after engaging the clutch and trying to move the stick, take a look at the fluid to make sure that it is at the right level. Other causes include using the incorrect thickness (type) of fluid and the clutch linkage or shift cables needing adjustment. Slave and master cylinders are also prone to fail.

My tyres are wearing unevenly

 Rotating your tyres and having your wheels aligned regularly at a professional tyre shop is guaranteed to solve this problem.

Smokey exhaust

BLUE SMOKE: Not good, engine is burning oil usually worn valve guide seals, worn or broken piston rings, or worn or damaged cylinders. 

WHITE SMOKE: More bad news- the engine is burning coolant or transmission fluid. If it is coolant, it is probably a blown head gasket. If it is transmission fluid, the engine is burning transmission fluid through a vacuum hose.

My car sounds like its choking

Most common in cars fitted with catalytic convertors. These are designed to super heat your exhaust gases to reduce the harmful emissions going to our atmosphere. These can block and severely reduce your engines ability to remove exhaust gasses.

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